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Our Pub and Brewery has been open since May, 2015! Stop by for some great ale, fish ’n chips and other English food! Our hours are: Thursday 4-10 Friday-Saturday 4-11 Sunday 2-9 (Carryout bottles available Sunday).
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Located at 202 East Seminary St. Liberty, Indiana. We custom brew ales for special occasions. All menu items available for carryout. Call us at 765-223-2337 email us at sales@norrisenglishpub.comGet updates on our Facebook page.
We will be closed the following dates: Sunday, December 23rd and Sunday December 30th. January 2-7, 2019 and February 2nd-3rd, 2019.
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Beer is just beer, but good ale should be savored.
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Bitters:  The most common of ales in England.  The name Bitters is a misnomer.  It simply means an easy drinking, low alcohol (session) beer.  Common courtesy when you go out with your mates is that everyone buys a round.  So bitters is the "lite" choice.  3-4% ABV, gold copper colored, medium body, low hop bitterness. Extra Special Bitters, ESB:  Copper amber color, rich malty flavor. Medium high hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. 4.8-5.8% ABV. Mild Ale:  Light to medium amber color.  Malty flovor with low hop bitterness. 3.4-4.1% ABV.  Pale Ale:  Deep Golden - copper - light brown, medium body and maltiness.  Mildly fruity, citrus-like hop aroma and bitterness is moderate.  4.5-5.6% ABV. India Pale Ale: IPA, an ale developed for the long tall ship voyages from England to the Indies.  Lots of hops give this ale a strong citrus, piney, floral aroma with plenty of hop bitterness.  6.3-7.5% ABV. Porter:  A dark brown, medium malt sweetness, low to medium hop, aroma and flavor.  4.5-6% ABV. Stout:  This is your very dark brown to black ale, flavors vary from sweet chocolate to dry roasted coffee bitterness.  Medium to full body mouth feel. Contrary to the name "stout", they are usually low in alcohol at 3%-6% ABV. Why does "craft" beer taste different than my plain ol 6pack? The major beer companies make their beers with alot of rice and corn, which are  cheaper. Craft brewers tend to  follow  traditional brewing rules, and use malted barley as a base for their beers, yielding a more flavorful beer.  What is  an "Ale"? Beer. But it is made with a top fermenting yeast as opposed to a "lager", bottom fermenting yeast (most of those plain ol beers) .  I don't like "dark beer". Then close your some extent, the color does not have much to do with how strong (alcohol) the beer is.    You are probably just to used to that plain ol Pilsner, which you drink too cold and too fast.  Try slowing down and enjoy that  hand crafted ale. It took more than 5 minutes to take more than 5 minutes to enjoy the flavor. I've heard of  wine snobs...are there beer snobs? No,  just plain people, that enjoy good tasting craft beer.
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Pizza King in Liberty, Indiana Ask for the Double Decker Amber Ale
Roscoe’s Coffee & Tap room.Ask for the Blonde Ale!
Big Ben Mild Brown is brewed in the traditional English way. Like the name suggests, a mild is known for it’s low level of hop bitterness. Grainy to tasty malts are present. Low carbonation with a near still, bubbly head. Colors rangs from light to dark brown.
The Hop Momma India Pale Ale is golden in color. Hops are typically American with an herbal and / or citric character. Bitterness is higher than most other ales. Moderate to medium bodied with a balancing malt backbone.
The Dark Knight Prter is a traditional English style porter.  Similar to a stout, it has a strong toasted malt floavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. Hop bitterness is moderate. Color is dark brown to black.
Bombshell Bomber Blonde Ale is a balanced, light bodied and somewhat lager like. This all malt brew has a light malt taste. There is subdued fruitiness with hop characteristics of the noble variety or similar leaving a light to medium bitterness. Color is deep golden with a white, creamy head
The Double Decker Amber Ale is a smooth, drinkable ale for all seasons.  This balanced ale is light amber in color and is focused on it’s malt notes and light hop characteristics.
The Dark Knight Porter is a traditional English style porter.  Similar to a stout, it has a strong toasted malt flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. Hop bitterness is moderate. Color is dark brown to black.
Our pale ale is made from locally grown centenial and cascade hops.  The hops are well balanced with the malt flavors and is deep golden color.  Get it while you can!
Cards $4.25
Growlers are $6
All merchandise (except beer) is available by mail. Gift certificates available too. Click photos to enlarge.  Call us or email us to order.
T-shirts $20
Glasses are 20oz for $5 10oz $4 and 5oz for $3
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Various T-shirts and hats $20
Fr8dog is a term used to describe cargo pilots. Those that stay up all night so you can get it in the morning. This big IPA just so happens to blend 8 different malts and 8 varieties of hops into a little reward for your hard nights work. Galaxy, Southern Cross,  and Falconers Flight to start.  80 IBU & 7.5%
Castle Stout uses local sorghum along with wheat, oats and lactose sugar which makes for a creamy, sweet stout at 6% ABV and 27 IBU.
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Did you 'run with scissors’? Did you play Mumbletypeg? Did you ‘drink from a garden hose’? Did you ‘ride your bike without a helmet’? Then you drink Steek Tip. Yes. Steel… because you're not Soft! Double IPA 8.0%ABV, 90 IBU and 14 SRM highlighting Mosaic and Mandarina hops.